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More people than ever are  making a living from home. I’ve read some books on the subject, and this book stands out for me:  Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living. The authors take on the subject in depth; there is a lot of detail and they update on their website: While there’s a lot of hype and deception in the world right now, accurate information will save days, months and money in your search for alternative income.

What the book is NOT:

  • MLM.
  • Advice on how to set up your work space.
  • Spammy links to fee-based “directories.”
  • A guide to running a local business from your home, such as piano studio, contractor’s office, etc.

What the book IS:

  • An exhaustive table of resources for jobs with established companies that use people who do their work from home instead of from a cubicle.
  • Exhaustive in teaching how to detect scams.
  • Full of advice on how to best use Aggregator sites to find your next employer.
  • A test to see if you are ready to take the step.
  • A guide to using the internet to secure free-lance work.

The book is easily readable and packs a lot of information into a small space. The “Jobs by Type and Where to Find Them” section is almost 100 pages of tables, making it easy to find companies which hire directly for your skill set.

The chapter headings best describe their content:

  • Chapter 1: Work-at-Home at a Glance
  • Chapter 2: Are You Ready to Work at Home?
  • Chapter 3: Convincing Your Boss to Let You Work From Home
  • Chapter 4: Developing your “BS” (Big Scam) Radar
  • Chapter 5: Good and Bad Work-at-Home Job Search Terms
  • Chapter 6: Jobs by Type and Where to Find Them
  • Chapter 7: Finding Work-at-Home Jobs on the “Big” Job Boards
  • Chapter 8: Finding Home-based Jobs on Job Aggregator Sites
  • Chapter 9: Networking for Jobs, Allies, and Friends
  • Chapter 10: Virtual and Telework-Friendly Companies
  • Chapter 11: Freelancing at Home Gig-to-Gig
  • Chapter 12: Making a Little Money on the Side
  • Chapter 13: Your Telework Resume and Interview
  • Chapter 14: Tips From the Trenches
  • Appendix: Websites Mentioned in This Book.
  • About the Authors

The book is available in paperback, on Kindle, and from I recommend the paperback version so you can dog-ear the pages, mark it up, and find things easily. Whether you’re folding your economic parachute or find yourself in financial free-fall, this book is THE must-have guide to locating a job you can do from home and be paid reliably.

Other resource: The Simple Truths of Service

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