If You Can See It, You Can Move It

Poor people watch their paychecks and rich people watch their net worth. Learn. It’s part of financial education. Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about that, and we highly recommend reading his his books and other materials. If you’re open to learning, he can change the way you think about money, work and everything.

How does this apply? In an earlier article, we asked you to assess your resources. Then you can have life play to your advantage. You make up a game where the winning score is realization of your ideal lifestyle.

Here’s an example: 

  • A couple, call them Bill and Sally, discuss their life together. They live far from work. She’s been laid off from her job and he’s busy with his job and has little time and energy to put any real juice into their time together.
  • Bill has been tracking the family finances for a few years and the two of them together see that their net worth is growing at a snail’s pace. Neither is in a position to use their talents and both feel unfulfilled.
  • Knowing where they are in dollar quantity and life quality, they discuss how they can improve their situation. They discover that they have more assets than they thought and that they need some training and insight into what they can do differently.
  • Bill and Sally research living elsewhere and realize that living closer to town and renting for a while will have real dollar advantages for them as well as providing better opportunities and more support for the work they really want to do. They sell the house, get a good offer and move close to town. She begins to teach lessons in her specialty, they save a lot of money in transportation and food, and their social life improves.
  • Bill and Sally take some of the money they received from the sale of the house and purchase assets: house rentals, etc. They do their homework and work together.
  • Bill eventually quits the 9 to 5 because now live by design. It took work and faith, but it was worth it.

 The model is simplistic, but more than one family has made such moves. It takes honesty, integrity, study, guts and lots of faith; it is possible. Like a helmsman at sea, you learn to navigate. You stay awake and you do your work, and you may enjoy developing new skills and honing old ones.

Remember, in any game, the most important part of the game is the part you haven’t played yet. That’s where the difference gets made.

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