10 Years, 5 Years, Next Month? What’s New?

I have asked this question of five people (counting myself) in the past day:  “How are things going to be for you ten years from now?”

The answers are, generally, “More of the same, unless something changes.”

My challenge today is:  “What decisions will I make in the next five minutes that will impact the future?” Today, I choose meaningful, creative, constructive work, rather than comfort.

And I choose to take my comfort in that.

How about you?

Chutes ‘n’ Ladders — Life Transitions

If your life situation (working or otherwise) is about to change, read on:

Nice Day to Jump Out Of an Airplane.

“Great day to jump!” Image by Striking Photography by Bo via Flickr

There are several things you must do to transition:

  1. Assess your resources. These may include family, friends, savings, skills, reputation, belongings and other assets. Become clear about the people and things in your life that you can rely on.
  2. Take care of yourself. This is a daily task and includes your physical, mental and spiritual health. Turn off the tv, brush your teeth, get dressed, exercise, read something inspirational or motivational and make plans.
  3. Make yourself accountable to someone, preferably someone who cares about you and doesn’t accept excuses.
  4. Follow through on your plans.
  5. Practice gratitude daily for everything you have.
  6. Write something about your day to complete it and set out some goals for the next day.
  7. Sleep well and long enough. This is much easier to do when you know you’ve done everything you can for that day to accomplish your goal.

    Let’s unpack these practices:

  1. Take time to write down everything you’ve got. If you need money, sell off extra stuff in the local Free Trader, on Amazon Marketplace, Ebay, Craig’s List or some other marketplace. You’ve got shelter and food, so you have a base. Phones can be cheap and good (My Net10 works great!). Start your search for business, support and assistance. When you have savings or passive income (such as rental properties, royalties or business income), you have time.  You have skills, reputation and friends; call on them fearlessly. If you lack any of these resources, get busy and create them.
  2. Personal care is fundamental. Do we need to say more? Eat well, sleep enough, and stay engaged in life.
  3. Find an Accountability Partner. Being accountable substantially increases the odds of your doing what you say you will do. Most of us won’t keep promises to ourselves, but we will do everything possible to keep our word to someone else. There are a lot of ways to handle this piece, but you can start with a friend who will listen for your accomplishment and not buy into any excuses you make up. A side benefit of having a relationship like this is that your level of integrity goes way up, and there is a real material benefit to having that happen for you.
  4. There is power in doing what you say you will do. You already know where good intentions lead by themselves. Put your focus on doing the thing and acting as if you cannot fail. You will be amazed at what comes of it.
  5. Express sincere gratitude. That habit creates great feelings, both for yourself and for the person to whom you express gratitude. If you’re not in the habit, start. It will take work, but it gets easier and more delicious the more you do it. There is real power in actually doing this thing daily.
  6. Remember that every time you review your accomplishments you alter your current thinking. Writing multiplies the effect. The brain lives for feeling good. Accept no substitutes.
  7. Appropriate daily rest is fundamental. It’s part of our natural cycle of things. Just as your car needs service, your body and mind need time to regroup, repair, and heal. Although we are called upon to tax ourselves beyond sanity from time to time, this should never become habit. Your car doesn’t operate well on fumes and neither should you.

When you focus on simple acts of care, improve your support structure, and maintain your integrity, then you have a real basis to change the world around you.