Important to Each Other

Recent events find me living a single life again, after 20 years that promised Forever (and delivered Nevermore).

What happened?

It looks like other things became more important than promises we made to each other long ago. It doesn’t matter what things replaced our covenant, it’s the decision that ruled. One thing over which we have total control is the decision we make to pursue our dreams, visions, hopes, and desires, or ignore them. Another thing is the action we take to support that decision. Somewhere, we decided to explore different paths.

I still hope for something a beautiful couple taught me years ago. After my first marriage failed, I asked them, “What makes your marriage work so well?

Their reply was simple: “We’re important to each other.”

I have often thought of that phrase since then and shared it with many people. I hope it helped a few people as they formulated decisions for their own lives.

Since the ink dried on our divorce, new friends have come into my life. Some have become very important to me. I’m learning to invest time and care in those friendships. The interest compounds daily.  Life is too long to spend it being alone. Although there is a risk in every investment, spending time with someone important to you pays eternal dividends (sharing makes memories worth remembering). Healing, happiness, and fulfillment may be outcomes of a friendship for people who are important to each other.

Who, and what is important to you today? If someone or something is missing, when will you decide to go after it?

What We’re About

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why this site?

I had a friend who was once a professional dancer, and later on had a career as a nurse. Due to an injury, she now cleans houses and works for far too many hours for far too little money. She is still talented, bright and is a  wonderful human being. She wonders what’s next.

Another sexagenarian is starting a new career she always wanted but thought she couldn’t have. Her life-long friend operates an assisted care facility in Mexico.

5- 10 % of people 55 and over know what they will do during retirement years because they saved and planned. Others now plan to work until they die.  Some just don’t know, and hope to make it to the end of the day.

What this site’s about: Exploring creativity, adaptation, invention, endurance, principle and people flourishing in their 50’s and after.

We share people’s stories. Have a laugh. Learn something. Share something.

We hope you will find answers, help and comfort here. By the way, leave the site a little richer than you found it. Feel free to leave comments an any page or post.

You might hold the key to resolving another person’s struggle. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Tell your story. Remember the good times. Learn from the bad. And keep moving.

Like my friend Gary once said: “My life doesn’t have rear-view mirrors. I’m going full speed!”


Future of US Jobs?

According to an article published this week on, the U.S. added 48,000 retail jobs in March of this year – good news for job seekers and the economy in general (more earners put more money into circulation).

However, during the same period, 29,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. Statistics reviewed over several years indicate that this adverse trend is increasing – retail positions (largely less-skilled workers at minimum wage) continue to grow while skilled production jobs decrease. The net result for large corporations is more profits, as sales increase and production coasts go down.

Although this trend may be of interest to those with money to speculate, it makes me wonder what is in store for U.S. jobs in the future and how workers should plan to position themselves as the job market changes over time.

Read the whole story here. I’d love to see comments below.

10 Reasons To Start Earning An Extra Income

Home based business and other alternative earning methods have become widely accepted all over the world. In a world of uncertainty, it makes sense to create income not subject to potential downsizing, office politics, and arbitrary decisions by superiors. Imagine how it would feel to get up and not hurry to the office in heavy traffic, listening to your inspiration for the day and working with clients and activities you choose. If you are willing to do extra work or travel for your boss, you should be more than willing to do that for yourself, especially if it would improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

More options exist now than have ever existed, due to the internet and miracles of technology. Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • Retail Arbitrage (Ebay, Amazon Marketplace, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Service
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Network Marketing
  • Write online courses

Consider the benefits:

1. Be your own boss. Freedom of time, travel, goals, finances: everything left to you.

2. Work according to your own schedule. Flexibility is key to enjoying the important things in life. Some things only come once. Be there for them.

3. Keep your existing job until you make twice as much part-time as you do full time. You need the momentum and confidence that comes with longevity in your work. Sometimes, you need the friction of the daily grind to anchor you to your dream.

4. Eliminate job insecurity and fear of unemployment. How much is having increased confidence for the future worth to you?

5. Self confidence increases. This factor will help you face most hurdles in life with less heartache and stress.

6. Limitations of earning do not exist. You can earn as much as you want by outsourcing, duplication, or scaling up.

7. You may enjoy tax benefits since some of your activities and purchases will be deductible. Check with your tax accountant.

8. You can retire on your own timetable. Work with a planner to see what it will take to do that.

9. Many of us work for others because of the sociability, sense of accomplishment, or praise. You can replicate that elsewhere, and make more income as well.

10. You create an asset – a vehicle that pays you money, or that you can sell or leave to your survivors.

Outside income does not come for free. It involves hard work, but is a joy, especially when you are able to exercise your strengths and passions. Listen to podcasts, read books, and most of all, find your fit and go to work.


If You Can See It, You Can Move It

Poor people watch their paychecks and rich people watch their net worth. Learn. It’s part of financial education. Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about that, and we highly recommend reading his his books and other materials. If you’re open to learning, he can change the way you think about money, work and everything.

How does this apply? In an earlier article, we asked you to assess your resources. Then you can have life play to your advantage. You make up a game where the winning score is realization of your ideal lifestyle.

Here’s an example: 

  • A couple, call them Bill and Sally, discuss their life together. They live far from work. She’s been laid off from her job and he’s busy with his job and has little time and energy to put any real juice into their time together.
  • Bill has been tracking the family finances for a few years and the two of them together see that their net worth is growing at a snail’s pace. Neither is in a position to use their talents and both feel unfulfilled.
  • Knowing where they are in dollar quantity and life quality, they discuss how they can improve their situation. They discover that they have more assets than they thought and that they need some training and insight into what they can do differently.
  • Bill and Sally research living elsewhere and realize that living closer to town and renting for a while will have real dollar advantages for them as well as providing better opportunities and more support for the work they really want to do. They sell the house, get a good offer and move close to town. She begins to teach lessons in her specialty, they save a lot of money in transportation and food, and their social life improves.
  • Bill and Sally take some of the money they received from the sale of the house and purchase assets: house rentals, etc. They do their homework and work together.
  • Bill eventually quits the 9 to 5 because now live by design. It took work and faith, but it was worth it.

 The model is simplistic, but more than one family has made such moves. It takes honesty, integrity, study, guts and lots of faith; it is possible. Like a helmsman at sea, you learn to navigate. You stay awake and you do your work, and you may enjoy developing new skills and honing old ones.

Remember, in any game, the most important part of the game is the part you haven’t played yet. That’s where the difference gets made.

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