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Cover of "The Bucket List"

Cover of The Bucket List


So many things have changed in the past 60 years.  Balance of life.  Expectations.  Relationships.  We’re living longer than we’d planned.  Some dreams came true.  Some didn’t.

I’ve met  lot of people in my practice. Some could retiring without a problem, some working ’til they die, and lots of people in between.

I just want to help some people live better lives than they currently expect. Sometimes, it’s the small idea that makes the difference. Take an acorn, for example; add time + sun + nurture = oak tree.

What can you expect from this site?

We expect to share information and experience on:

How-to articles:

  • updating the resume
  • choosing work
  • getting started finding new work
  • evaluating opportunities
  • locating opportunities
  • competing in the current market
  • preparing for change
  • enduring change
  • using change to improve your life
  • creating a business plan
  • choosing a service for business
  • soliciting business if self-employed
  • organizing your own business
  • finding customers
  • preparing for “real” retirement

Life beyond the paycheck

  • Cash Flow
  • Accumulation
  • Distribution
  • Strategies and care ’til the end.
  • Experience

Bucket list

  • What are you gong to do with the rest of your life?
  • Where will you spend it?
  • Who is going with you?
  • When will you finally do the things you’ve been talking about?
  • Why will you do it?

Milestones in the lives of community members

  • Let’s share stories – what people are doing and how do they pay for it?

Creating Wealth

  • Silver-age business
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th careers

Lifestyle choices:

  • Health
  • Habits
  • Fulfilling Dreams
  • Day-to-day
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

Provident Living

  • Not just money
  • Friends
  • Resources

Healthcare, Medicare, Social Security


  • Tourism
  • Travel in work
  • Volunteer
  • Mission
  • First Class, Finally?


  • Can old dogs really learn new tricks?
  • Does experience really trump youthful enthuiasm?

Study Opportunities

Strengths Assessment

Life Insurance/Annuities

Investments & Strategies

Online Profile – your face to the world

Strategies for Earning

  • Streams of Income
  • What it takes to create one or more
  • Where do you learn how to?
  • What are you creating today that will look after you and your loved ones tomorrow (and the day after)?

Facing reality and maximizing it

  • Mental Floss


  • Estate planning
  • Children
  • Documents – are your ducks in a row?
  • Planning for retirement
  • Planning for  passing

Creating your own GPS for Life

Being (or becoming) an employer

Teach what you know

Resuming a Career

And everything else that affects our 50+ life’s path.

Who is DJ (Jim) Christensen and why should you care?

I’ve had a career in arts performance/management, and a second one in insurance and financial services.  I saw my father die slowly of degenerative disease and depression, financially sustained by his pensions and disability insurance.  By contrast, I know people who have managed their own health, wealth, and happiness in a way that they can predictably enjoy a fulfilling life ’til it’s time to pass.  My goal is to help as many people as I can to make decisions now that will help assure a future of relative freedom.

The genesis of this site:

“I have a friend who was a professional dancer and nurse. Due to an injury, she now cleans houses and works part time for a local non-profit, spending far too many hours for far too little money. She is still talented, bright and a  wonderful human being, and she is really working on what’s next.

A friend of 40-plus years opened an assisted care facility in Baja California as a post-career endeavor.

Although some people age 55 and over are looking forward to the rewards of 30+ years of a job at a single institution, many who followed other paths are now confronting what’s next in a changing world.

What it will take to thrive: Creativity, Invention, Endurance, Principle, Adaptation. Just like when we were younger.

We are looking for people to interview, learn from, and network with, as our culture heads into the next great age.”

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