Monthly Archives: July 2017

Important to Each Other

Recent events find me living a single life again, after 20 years that promised Forever (and delivered Nevermore).

What happened?

It looks like other things became more important than promises we made to each other long ago. It doesn’t matter what things replaced our covenant, it’s the decision that ruled. One thing over which we have total control is the decision we make to pursue our dreams, visions, hopes, and desires, or ignore them. Another thing is the action we take to support that decision. Somewhere, we decided to explore different paths.

I still hope for something a beautiful couple taught me years ago. After my first marriage failed, I asked them, “What makes your marriage work so well?

Their reply was simple: “We’re important to each other.”

I have often thought of that phrase since then and shared it with many people. I hope it helped a few people as they formulated decisions for their own lives.

Since the ink dried on our divorce, new friends have come into my life. Some have become very important to me. I’m learning to invest time and care in those friendships. The interest compounds daily.  Life is too long to spend it being alone. Although there is a risk in every investment, spending time with someone important to you pays eternal dividends (sharing makes memories worth remembering). Healing, happiness, and fulfillment may be outcomes of a friendship for people who are important to each other.

Who, and what is important to you today? If someone or something is missing, when will you decide to go after it?