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I have a friend who once was a professional dancer and nurse. Due to an injury, she now cleans houses and works part time for a local non-profit, spending far too many hours for far too little money. She is still talented, bright and a  wonderful human being, and she is really wondering what’s next. […]

Welcome to Senior Income Options (it's not only for old people)

Changes in our culture and economy requires many of us to re-think what we're doing and how we're doing it. This site will help you discover your next step and take it whether that step is to find a new job, start a business, get more education or become self-employed. We're your cheering section, your resource, and your kick-in-the-pants all rolled into one! What better time to start your new plan than today?

About this site:

We are looking for contributors to this site, particularly those who have some real professional decisions to make now or in the near future. If your working conditions have changed, if you've had a change or if you're looking for a change in how you earn and manage your money, we want your story.
Contact dj@seniorincomeoptions.com for more information.

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    We are over halfway through our first reading and find that the author has pegged the exact reasons for working outside 'normal occupations': inspiration, expression, fulfillment and success. She has developed a business around the topic and gives seminars, classes and coaching in it. After reading some of her work, we're getting the feeling we can do that too in our own filed. Start Reading the Book Here for Free!


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