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A man and a woman performing a modern dance.
A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why this site?

I had a friend who was once a professional dancer, and later on had a career as a nurse. Due to an injury, she now cleans houses and works for far too many hours for far too little money. She is still talented, bright and is a  wonderful human being. She wonders what’s next.

Another sexagenarian is starting a new career she always wanted but thought she couldn’t have. Her life-long friend operates an assisted care facility in Mexico.

5- 10 % of people 55 and over know what they will do during retirement years because they saved and planned. Others now plan to work until they die.  Some just don’t know, and hope to make it to the end of the day.

What this site’s about: Exploring creativity, adaptation, invention, endurance, principle and people flourishing in their 50’s and after.

We share people’s stories. Have a laugh. Learn something. Share something.

We hope you will find answers, help and comfort here. By the way, leave the site a little richer than you found it. Feel free to leave comments an any page or post.

You might hold the key to resolving another person’s struggle. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Tell your story. Remember the good times. Learn from the bad. And keep moving.

Like my friend Gary once said: “My life doesn’t have rear-view mirrors. I’m going full speed!”


Important to Each Other

Embed from Getty Images Recent events find me living a single life again, after 20 years that promised Forever (and delivered Nevermore). What happened? It looks like other things became more important than promises we made to each other long ago. It doesn’t matter what things replaced our covenant, it’s the decision that ruled. One thing over which we have total control is the decision we make to pursue our dreams, visions, hopes, and desires, or…

"Important to Each Other"

What You Must Consider When you Stop Working for Money

You may be in trouble down the road if your image of retirement is one of unbridled freedom of time and money, especially if you’re living on savings. If your principal income is a pension (guaranteed for life), social security, and/or annuity distribution (guaranteed life income) you will have built in a a modicum of safety. However, if you have built most of your portfolio on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (including your 401(k)), you…

"What You Must Consider When you Stop Working for Money"

Need Care – ?

My widowed mother became legally blind in her late 60s. She was sharp as a tack, but blind as a bat, and needed help at home. That was her reward after she had given a lot of years to my father, who had been bed-ridden by rheumatoid arthritis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome and other degenerative factors. I was at home as a care-giver for part of that experience. I now want to share some thoughts and resources…

"Need Care – ?"

Future of US Jobs?

According to an article published this week on Pymnts.com, the U.S. added 48,000 retail jobs in March of this year – good news for job seekers and the economy in general (more earners put more money into circulation). However, during the same period, 29,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. Statistics reviewed over several years indicate that this adverse trend is increasing – retail positions (largely less-skilled workers at minimum wage) continue to grow while skilled production…

"Future of US Jobs?"