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What We’re About

What We’re About

Why this site? I had a friend who was once a professional dancer, and later on had a career as a nurse. Due to an injury, she now cleans houses and works for far too many hours for far too little money. She is still talented, bright and is a  wonderful human being. She wonders [Read More]

Future of US Jobs?

According to an article published this week on, the U.S. added 48,000 retail jobs in March of this year – good news for job seekers and the economy in general (more earners put more money into circulation). However, during the same period, 29,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. Statistics reviewed over several years indicate that [Read More]


What You Must Consider When you Stop Working for Money

What You Must Consider When you Stop Working for Money

You may be in trouble down the road if your image of retirement is one of unbridled freedom of time and money, especially if you’re living on savings. If your principal income is a pension (guaranteed for life), social security, and/or annuity distribution (guaranteed life income) you will have built in a a modicum of [Read More]

10 Reasons To Start Earning An Extra Income

10 Reasons To Start Earning An Extra Income

Home based business and other alternative earning methods have become widely accepted all over the world. In a world of uncertainty, it makes sense to create income not subject to potential downsizing, office politics, and arbitrary decisions by superiors. Imagine how it would feel to get up and not hurry to the office in heavy [Read More]

Work at Home Now – Review

Work at Home Now – Review

More people than ever are  making a living from home. I’ve read some books on the subject, and this book stands out for me:  Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living. The authors take on the subject in depth; there is a [Read More]


Need Care – ?

Need Care – ?

My widowed mother became legally blind in her late 60s. She was sharp as a tack, but blind as a bat, and needed help at home. That was her reward after she had given a lot of years to my father, who had been bed-ridden by rheumatoid arthritis, [Read More]


10 Years, 5 Years, Next Month? What’s New?

I have asked this question of five people (counting myself) in the past day:  “How are things going to be for you ten years from now?” The answers are, generally, “More of the same, unless something changes.” My challenge [Read More]

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